World First Explorations

New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research

World First Explorations

New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research

Welcome to research into New Zealand’s mineral resources. Combining this with world-leading technologies, we aim to deliver a more sustainable future for all.

Leading-Edge Research Projects

At NZIMMR, our high calibre research team is working on a growing list of projects for adding value to New Zealand’s rich endowment of mineral resources.

Come and help us apply new thinking to an industry searching for value-added solutions to answer complex problems.

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The purpose of NZIMMR is to research new economic opportunities from adding value to New Zealand’s mineral resources, including low-emissions technologies. This work supports the Government’s Minerals and Petroleum Resources Strategy for Aotearoa New Zealand 2019 – 2029, for promoting a domestic minerals industry.

We have the opportunity to create materials that will not only put us on the world map, but ensure our future.


Gold resists corrosion, is malleable and is the world’s most reliable and durable electrical conductor. This makes gold one of the key, low-carbon-technology metals, and New Zealand has abundant resources of it.







The sixth-lightest element on the periodic table, carbon is the stuff of life, and increasingly of advanced materials for the low-emissions economy.




A tough, hard-wearing, corrosion and heat-resistant metal, tungsten is challenging to transform from its ores, scheelite and wolframite into an export-ready concentrate, or the elemental metal. 

Science Excellence

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Rare Earth Elements

What they are, and why do we need them?

Neodymium and dysprosium are among high-value REEs found on the West Coast, starting a conversation on how to make their recovery economic. The NZIMMR’s contribution to date has been to increase the visibility of REEs and renew interest in their economic recovery.

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The world's most accessible glaciers, a UNESCO Heritage area, natural arches big enough to park a truck in, New Zealand's West Coast has so much to offer.

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